Falleyes at their Best

Finished up two guide trips this past Friday and Saturday and we pounded fish. Weather couldn’t have been better - light winds and upper 40’s to near 50’s for two days in a row!!!

I would say that this might have been the best bite I experienced this fall. We caught nice eyes on Lunker City’s Fin S minnow on an Old Fart Lures 1/8oz jighead. Switched to a 1/4oz and did really well when the wind picked up. The fish wanted that jig to touch bottom - that was one of the keys to success.

As things change throughout the day, and if things slow for us, sometimes I think it’s important just to try and change things up a bit. We put jigging raps and blade baits on and proceeded to pound fish. Benny, my 10 year old client, must have hooked about 5 fish in a row on a jigging rap. His dad also started to pound fish. This father-son team learned a lot about jig fishing and experienced a lot of success over the two days.

One of the highlights of our time is that Benny got his first northern pike and we landed one monster (13 pounds - so big I couldn’t get my hands around its shoulders!!!). We ended up with 4 northerns over the two days. Not sure what the weather’s going to do the next couple of weeks…that will be a huge determinant of where we will fish before the hardwater period starts!

Underwater Video = Incredible Teacher

So we partnered up with a company called Fishsens who produces an underwater camera called the Sondecam.  We wanted to learn more about the underwater world, and especially what the structure actually looks like, that I see on my Garmin GPSMap 7610 units.

So far the results have been off the charts.  Our goal this summer is to explore all of the areas where we have had extraordinary fishing and see what makes the difference - why does one spot hold fish and another not so much.

The first video we have produced is a spot where fish really stack up.  Take a peak and see what you think.