Smallies, Family, and Friends - Lake George

Fished with a couple guys from the Y yesterday and they did great.  Caught some really nice smallmouths.  Biggest at close to 3.5 - fat 18.5" fish.  

Later in the day we had a family rock bass tournament (biggest, smallest, most, ugliest, biggest smallmouth).  Winner got a crepe. Everyone got a crepe.

Nate and Anna both caught nice smallmouth bass.  Water temps are close to 77 degrees.  Beautiful day on the water!

Another Solid Morning on Lake George

Took out Marc and his nephew and we snuck one in before the rain today!  Caught some beautiful smallmouth, perch, and rock bass.  Lost a couple of real pigs.  Both Marc and Kyle learned a new technique and caught a bunch of fish.  All fish CPR'd.  Thanks for taking us out!  Water temps near 77 degrees.

Smallmouth Bass fishing continues to shine on Lake George

Honestly we've been so busy I've fallen behind with posting reports.  Here's the highlight film from the last couple of days of fishing:

Averaging 100 fish in 3 hours.  Some days there decent sized smallies, some days we're finding bigger fish.  Of the 100 fish, some of those are rock bass and big bluegills and largemouth bass.  Action is great for all ages.  Most recent trips were the Scullin family - they booked me for 3 trips and all three groups crushed fish.  We took out Brad and his son Brad a couple of nights ago, and they demolished big smallmouth bass up to 3.5lbs.  

Awesome Evening on the Water - Lake George, NY

We had an incredible evening on the water with George and his family.  We caught monster fish - probably ended up with close to 75 smallmouth and largemouth in the evening.  Water temp was push 75 degrees.  Fished deeper sides of humps (as deep as 50').  Found fish willing to bite our soft plastics - still using drop shot and plastics.  The pictures from our time only say half of it!  Grandpa (who was skeptical of the boat) ended up pouring it on - catching one giant fish after another.  George got the biggest smallmouth pushing 20" and 4 pounds.  Can't wait to do it again next year!

- Joe

Lake George Fishing

Yesterday I took my daughter, Anna, out for about 45 minutes.  It was non stop action - she caught a fish every time she dropped down.  Fishing off shore humps produced smallmouth and rock bass.  Water temps nearing 70 degrees.

Tonight I took my wife out for about 45 minutes.  The goal has been to catch at least one bass every day.  We have no problem going out and catching fish.  But this year, I want to find the bigger fish earlier in the summer.  We did it again tonight - caught a 3 lb smallmouth on a prop bait.  Top water is so much fun.  Another mid lake hump area - fished top water over 25 fow.

- Joe

The Hunt for a Lake George Monster

Got a little closer to a Lake George monster today!  We pounded fish - probably caught 20 on a jerkbait before putting on a Rapala DT20 with my new Okuma Scott Martin Med. Hvy 7'7" cranking rod.  About the third cast caught a nice smallie - probably pushing 4 pounds.  All fish were caught on a rock hump, but the big fish came on the deep side off the hump.  Seems like the big fish are hovering off in deep water - anywhere between 30-50 FOW - recovering from the spawn and picking off easy food.  Water temps creeping closer toward 70 - today they were at 68.

- Joe