Smallies, Family, and Friends - Lake George

Fished with a couple guys from the Y yesterday and they did great.  Caught some really nice smallmouths.  Biggest at close to 3.5 - fat 18.5" fish.  

Later in the day we had a family rock bass tournament (biggest, smallest, most, ugliest, biggest smallmouth).  Winner got a crepe. Everyone got a crepe.

Nate and Anna both caught nice smallmouth bass.  Water temps are close to 77 degrees.  Beautiful day on the water!

Smallmouth Bass fishing continues to shine on Lake George

Honestly we've been so busy I've fallen behind with posting reports.  Here's the highlight film from the last couple of days of fishing:

Averaging 100 fish in 3 hours.  Some days there decent sized smallies, some days we're finding bigger fish.  Of the 100 fish, some of those are rock bass and big bluegills and largemouth bass.  Action is great for all ages.  Most recent trips were the Scullin family - they booked me for 3 trips and all three groups crushed fish.  We took out Brad and his son Brad a couple of nights ago, and they demolished big smallmouth bass up to 3.5lbs.  

Lake Trout on Lake George - Summer 2016

The key to our fishing success this year is largely due to some excellent equipment that I bought in the off season.  The first key to our success has been our electronics (the new Garmin GPSMAP 7610 xsv) which have opened our eyes to the haunts of the Lake Trout (and really all the deep water structure that we fish).  The imaging of the unit is out of this world.  Another tremendous feature is the processing speed of the internal GPS:  the 10 Hz processor updates your location and heading 10 times per second.  The Garmin High Definition lake map is the best one out there for Lake George.  I am seeing deep water structures that I never knew were down there!

Another piece of equipment that has been a huge help is my new Motorguide xi5 trolling motor.  I push the anchor feature and I hover in the same spot over top of fish and end up with very encouraging results (see smiles below)!

Rod of choice was clearly Okuma's Helios MH 7' spinning paired with the Helios HX-30 spinning reel and Gamma's Torque 10/3 with Gamma Edge Fluoro 12-16 lb test.

Jigging with 1 oz. jig heads from Old Fart Lures!

We have been so busy with trips that we haven't had as much time to fish lakers, but my wife and I were out the other day for a little and I popped this one!  Almost 11 am - calm, bright sunny morning - and lake trout are chomping - I love it!  Water temp is over 75 degrees.

Beautiful Lake Trout/Smallmouth morning Lake George, NY

Our good friends the Brubaker's were visiting Silver Bay and Lake George this week and we finally got out to do some fishing together.  We fished Lake Trout to start the day and got bit right away - only connecting on 1 out of 3 hits.  Chris caught the fish and it was a beauty.  Then we moved over and fished smallmouth and caught a bunch of fish with some really nice ones in the mix.  Way to go Chris and Matthew!  Much of the success we're experiencing on the water has come from using Garmin technology, including incredible mapping software that helps us dial right in on deep water structure!  ( Water temp was 75 - perfect morning to be on the water!

Lake Trout/Smallmouth Fishing on Lake George is on Fire

Had trips on Thurs and Friday...all trips were very successful.  Fished Thursday morning for Lake Trout and bass - my clients caught two lakers and a bunch of smallies.  

Thursday evening fished with James and his son Luca and his father in law, Bob.  Caught the heck out of the smallies.  Ended up with some really nice fish.  Water temps are 75.  Bigger fish are showing up in the spots where they should be.

Lake Trout Bite Continues on Lake George

Morning and evening continues to produce solid Lake Trout!  We have been using 4-5" plastics on 1oz Old Fart Lure Jig Heads (  Been using 10/3 Gamma Torque braid with a 12-16lb Gamma Fluoro leader.  Best jigging rod that I have found is the Okuma Helios 7' MH paired with a Helios HX-30.  Fish have been crushing the bait!  Micah got one and I got one.  Lots of hits that we just flat out miss!  Key to fishing has been the Garmin HD Lake Map.  Got to find humps and then Garmin dials them in - we often mark fish and then catch them!

Dialing in the Lake Trout Jigging Spoon Bite - Lake George

It's a personal goal of ours this summer to learn how to fish Lake Trout on Lake George.  But we really don't want to learn how to troll for them - we want to learn how to jig for them.  

Well, today we turned a corner on the Lakers.  We went 3 for 5 in a little over an hour of jigging this afternoon.  Water temps were almost 75 degrees.  

We fished jigging spoons - Swedish Pimples - red prism and pearl prism in about 100' of water.  The key was a good jigging rod and reel.  Absolutely love the 7' MH helios spinning rod and reel, paired with 10/2 Gamma Torque braid with a 6' Gamma Edge 16 lb. fluoro leader.  Amazing fish and amazing memories.  Will post video tomorrow!

Awesome Evening on the Water - Lake George, NY

We had an incredible evening on the water with George and his family.  We caught monster fish - probably ended up with close to 75 smallmouth and largemouth in the evening.  Water temp was push 75 degrees.  Fished deeper sides of humps (as deep as 50').  Found fish willing to bite our soft plastics - still using drop shot and plastics.  The pictures from our time only say half of it!  Grandpa (who was skeptical of the boat) ended up pouring it on - catching one giant fish after another.  George got the biggest smallmouth pushing 20" and 4 pounds.  Can't wait to do it again next year!

- Joe

Guide Trip - Lake George

Chris and his kids and their cousin's daughter pounded fish the other night.  We couldn't keep the fish off the line.  I had four or five fish swinging in the boat all evening long.  We caught some decent smallmouth bass, but lost some really big ones.

We ended our time with both Hayden and Mia losing really nice fish - and all we had to show for it was a 4" perch that one of the fish spit up!  But all in all, it was a great time and a great memory!  These guys were all eager learners and willing participants!  Water temps are edging into the low 70s now and fish are beginning to set up in the summer pattern. (photos courtesy of Julia - thanks Julia!)

- Joe

Lake George Fishing

Yesterday I took my daughter, Anna, out for about 45 minutes.  It was non stop action - she caught a fish every time she dropped down.  Fishing off shore humps produced smallmouth and rock bass.  Water temps nearing 70 degrees.

Tonight I took my wife out for about 45 minutes.  The goal has been to catch at least one bass every day.  We have no problem going out and catching fish.  But this year, I want to find the bigger fish earlier in the summer.  We did it again tonight - caught a 3 lb smallmouth on a prop bait.  Top water is so much fun.  Another mid lake hump area - fished top water over 25 fow.

- Joe

The Hunt for a Lake George Monster

Got a little closer to a Lake George monster today!  We pounded fish - probably caught 20 on a jerkbait before putting on a Rapala DT20 with my new Okuma Scott Martin Med. Hvy 7'7" cranking rod.  About the third cast caught a nice smallie - probably pushing 4 pounds.  All fish were caught on a rock hump, but the big fish came on the deep side off the hump.  Seems like the big fish are hovering off in deep water - anywhere between 30-50 FOW - recovering from the spawn and picking off easy food.  Water temps creeping closer toward 70 - today they were at 68.

- Joe



Garmin GPSmap 7610xsv Unlocks the Secrets of Lake George

I am absolutely loving these new Garmin electronics.  The 10" Garmin GPSmap side imaging shows me underwater pictures of structure that unveil key ambush points on underwater rock structure here on Lake George.  This lake has tons of off shore structure - the structure in many ways looks like underwater cliffs.  But not all pieces of structure all hold fish, and what the side imaging allows me to see if breathtaking!  You can take your finger and slide the cursor to the "sweet spot" on the structure and instantly you have a waypoint that you can navigate back to and sit over top of with your drop shot.

Not only are the units worth every penny, but the lake mapping software has been unbelievably spot on.   U.S. LakeVü HD Ultra has already shown me several key off shore structures that the Navionics platinum didn't show.  With the Navionics, I had to pretty much make my own map from time spent on the water.  It has been so fun using Garmin's maps and seeing how my waypoints line up perfectly with the actual structure on the bottom of the lake.

These products will transform the way you fish and will undoubtedly make you more successful as an angler!  There's no better day to update your electronics than today!

- Joe

Check out the clarity of imaging...those are individual cabbage stalks that you are looking at!

Check out the clarity of imaging...those are individual cabbage stalks that you are looking at!

Lake George Monster

In 1904, two competitive fishermen-friends sought to see who could catch a bigger fish.  When the one showed a 40 pound Lake Trout, the other decided to make a 10 foot monster and try and scare his friend.  The Lake George monster got named "Georgie" and still exists in someone's garage along the beautiful drive along the lake called 9N.

This summer, it's our goal to catch a Lake George Monster.  Our biggest largemouth to date is a 7lb behemoth.  Our biggest smallmouth bass is a 22" fish that probably weighed just over 5lbs.  We believe there's a largemouth in Lake George in excess of 8lbs.  And it's our hope to catch a fish like that this summer.  

We caught a lot of big fish last summer and many were caught by clients.  It's our hope this summer that an 8lber comes to the net caught by one of you!  Here are some of the other goals for the summer:

1.  Pattern a way to catch lake trout jigging with spoons and plastics in deep water.  We would love to be able to offer this as part of our charter fishing on Lake George.

2. Learn new ways to fish deep for these fish.  We purchased some super deep diving crankbaits and a heavy cranking rod to accomplish this goal.  We also want to fine tune throwing jerkbaits and top water baits.

3.  We believe we can jig plastics, jigging raps, and rippin raps out deep for big smallies.  We caught a lot of fish last year doing this, but we'd love to fine tune this technique and do it with even more success.

4.  Fine tune structure fishing with the new Garmin GPSmap 7610xsv.  These units will continue to help us learn sweet spots on structure, and the mapping software has already revealed some secrets we've never seen before.  Can't wait to get out there!

If you want to be a part of the hunt, we are currently booking trips for the summer and have some prime time slots still available.  Check out our site at  We'll still be offering guided service back in Michigan as well with Andy Black.

- Joe