Joe Testa

I LOVE TO FISH.  THE ONLY THING I LIKE BETTER THAN FISHING is taking other people fishing.  Over the past 30 years I’ve been honing my angling skills and teaching other people how to catch more fish and have a lot of fun doing it.  

I am a licensed guide in the State of Michigan/New York.  It’s my goal that you not only have a safe and memorable trip, but that you learn a lot in the process.  The techniques and methods that we’ll use on the water can be applied to other bodies of water that you fish.

I picked the name No Fish Left Behind to evoke thoughts of the “no child left behind” education reform (mostly so people might remember it). With the name No Fish Left Behind, it’s not my intention to over harvest a fishery.  I am a conservation-minded angler and want to leave our fisheries in excellent shape for the future.  Most of our fishing on Lake George is catch and release.  However, I do practice selective harvest and I want to send you home with fish to eat!

 We love to spend time on the water as a family.  

We love to spend time on the water as a family.  

I am licensed and insured in both Michigan and New York.  I have adult and pediatric CPR, AED, and First Aid certification through the Red Cross.  I am a part of Gamma's Pro Staff team, Okuma/Savage's Pro Staff, Charlie Brewer's Pro Staff, Garmin's Pro Staff, Rapala, Lunker City, and Fishsens, and I am aggressively pursuing partnership with other companies who's products I'm sold out on and want to promote among clients and fellow anglers.

I'm excited to add a great friend and a great fishermen to No Fish Left Behind.  Andy Black will be working with me all throughout Michigan to serve my clients.  He's great with people and a great teacher.

Micah Testa

I have been helping my dad guide since I was 11.  I love serving people and enjoy making your trip enjoyable.  My dad says I have a gift for taking out the worst of tangles.  I enjoy helping our guests have an awesome experience on the water.  I typically help with adults and children on the boat, with my ultimate goal being a successful time for you on the water.  

Dad's comments on first mate:  "Micah is a tremendous fishermen.  Most clients comment more on his help than mine.  He is a huge blessing on the water.  You will be glad he's with us!"